2018 Bull Sale Details

2018 Sale Info

30 Angus bulls
25 Charolais bulls
30 PTIC registered Angus heifers
30 PTIC registered Charolais heifers
25 Unjoined registered heifers

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– The Ascot Advantage – Sustainable Beef Genetics –

We are a customer focused Angus & Charolais stud breeding operation which aims to deliver low risk, thick,polled bulls,bred with an MSA targeted approach. Our breeding headquarters are located at North Toolburra Station , Warwick, Qld. We also have a breeding operation at Glen Innes, NSW. We have approx. 600 breeders of which 350 Angus breeders & 250 Charolais breeders.

We have two on property bull sales at North Toolburra in April and September each year. In April we will offer 50 bulls+ 60 Heifers – 1/2 of each breed. The September sale will consist of approximently 125 bulls.

Although we are breeding for the polled gene in the Charolais (naturally polled in the Angus) we adopt a holistic breeding approach to both the Angus & Charolais herds and don’t just concentrate on single traits. We test & breed extensively for the homozygous polled gene in the Charolais & offer mostly all polled bulls now. Long term we feel polled cattle will be a must for all commercial herds so we like to be at the cutting edge of this development.


We rigorously collect data for both breeds & are 4 & 5 star Breed plan conformists for the 2 breeds. (5 star is the highest rating).

Most calves are weighed at birth & all animals are weighed for 200, 400 & 600 day weights & scanned for EMA, & fats & marbling. Scrotal measurements are also taken on all males. All animals have EBV’s.

Each year we run extensive AI & Embryo transfer programs with the highest performance bulls & cows from Australia & around the world to keep us at the leading edge of both breeds development.

In addition to weight, growth & fertility we select for quiet temperament & calving ease. All bulls are vet & semen checked before sale as well as vaccinated for tick fever, 3 day sickness, Pesti & 7 in 1.