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Upcoming Sale

2024 Annual Bull & Heifer Sale

September 20, 12:00 pm

140 Bulls

70 Heifers

We are a customer focused Angus & Charolais stud breeding operation which aims to deliver low risk, thick, polled bulls, bred with an MSA targeted approach. Our breeding headquarters are located at North Toolburra Station , Warwick, Qld. We have approx. 400 stud breeders.

We have an annual on-property bull sale at North Toolburra in September each year, consisting of approximately 130 bulls.

Although we are breeding for the polled gene in the Charolais (naturally polled in the Angus) we adopt a holistic breeding approach to both the Angus & Charolais herds and don’t just concentrate on single traits.

We test & breed extensively for the homozygous polled gene in the Charolais & offer all polled bulls now. Long term we feel polled cattle will be a must for all commercial herds so we like to be at the cutting edge of this development.

We rigorously collect data for both breeds are 5 star BreedPlan conformists for the 2 breeds.

“I may pay a bit extra to get the homozygous polled genetics but when it’s branding time it’s a nice relief for both the calf and myself as I don’t need to dehorn, it’s made my job easier and puts less stress on the animals.”
Maree Duncombe
"I’ve bought a lot of very good stud bulls in my time but I haven’t had any that have made an impact like Ascot has."
Nick Mather Samuel Holdings, Manumbar
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