Breeding Philosophy

At Ascot, we are pioneers in breeding polled Charolais cattle, a practice that enhances both animal welfare and operational efficiency for our clients.

Our focused genetic selection fosters the polled gene, eliminating the need for dehorning and reducing stress and costs associated with herd management. This commitment not only supports animal well-being but also aligns with increasing market demands for humane livestock practices.

Our polled Charolais are known for their:

  • Moderate size
  • Exceptional growth rates
  • Superior carcass quality
  • Lower birth weight
  • Docility
  • Positive Fats

Making them a preferred choice in the Australian beef market.

By combining traditional breeding techniques with modern genetic technologies, Ascot ensures that each generation of our Charolais cattle inherits the polled trait more consistently while maintaining the breed’s renowned characteristics.

Genetic Benefits

Phenotype & Temperament

Temperament is the number 1 trait we select & breed for.
Whilst we use the very latest breeding technologies, the phenotype is a major part of our breeding program. Our bulls will be quiet, polled, have great skin type and exhibit, weight, softness and easy-doing ability.

Carcase Focused

We use ultrasound scanning for EMA, IMF% and fat cover. Combined with weight for age data, this gives us strong information on what our cattle can do. This data is submitted to Breed plan and is also available to clients whilst assessing.

Homozygous Polled

Increased Safety: Hornless cattle are safer to handle and less likely to injure other animals or handlers. This trait contributes to a safer working environment on farms and reduces injuries during transport and handling, lowering potential losses from damaged animals.

Enhanced Marketability: The polled trait is highly desirable in commercial cattle operations. It can increase the market value of the cattle due to the higher welfare standards and the ease of management that polled animals offer.

Breeding Efficiency: Homozygous polled cattle consistently pass on the polled trait to all their offspring. This genetic predictability is valuable for breeders aiming to establish or maintain hornless herds without the unpredictability associated with heterozygous polled cattle.

Fertility and Longevity

Ascot cattle are known for their reproductive efficiency and longer productive lifespans. These traits ensure that herds are more sustainable over time, providing a continuous supply of cattle without frequent replenishment.

Growth Rate

Ascot cattle exhibit an exceptional growth rate, allowing for quicker time-to-market than many other breeds. This rapid growth is highly beneficial for improving the efficiency and profitability of beef operations.

Feed Efficiency

These cattle are known for their superior ability to convert feed into body mass efficiently. This trait not only reduces the cost of feed per unit of meat produced but also enhances the overall sustainability of the production system.

Crossbreeding Advantages

When used in crossbreeding programs, Ascot cattle can impart their beneficial traits to offspring, such as improved growth rates and meat quality. This hybrid vigour enhances the value of the progeny in commercial cattle markets.

Quality Assurance

Our focus on customer and industry needs is the foundation upon which Ascot has been built. It enables us to consistently deliver exceptional
quality and value to our clients and builds long-lasting relationships.

  • All bulls are semen Semen & Morphology tested.
  • All bulls and females are independently  assessed by Jim Green



Our vaccination program conforms to the latest IMMUNE READY standards.

  • Bulls are Double vaccinated with 7 in 1, Pestigard,  3-Day BEF,  MH+IBR, Vibriovax ,Tick Fever, Botulism, Dectomax V
  • Females Are double vaccinated with 7 in 1, Pestigard,  3-Day BEF, Dectomax V (sale heifers are also vaccinated against tick fever)
  • Our herd is Pesti Tested Negative
  • Johnes status – Jbas 7

Ascot Charolais Sires

Ascot's Charolais sires are handpicked from the world’s top genetic lines, ensuring top-notch quality and performance. These elite sires are the backbone of our breeding program, boosting growth rates, carcass quality, and adaptability. With a focus on the best, our sires help Australian herds achieve superior productivity and profitability.

Ascot Rockstar R139E
LT Governor
Moongool Pilgrim
Palgrove Rockerfella
“I may pay a bit extra to get the homozygous polled genetics but when it’s branding time it’s a nice relief for both the calf and myself as I don’t need to dehorn, it’s made my job easier and puts less stress on the animals.”
Maree Duncombe
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