Unleash The Strength Of Ascot Angus

Breeding Philosophy

At Ascot, our Angus breeding philosophy is centered on producing robust, adaptable, and high-performing cattle with an MSA targeted approach.

Our approach combines traditional values with cutting-edge scientific research to ensure superior genetic outcomes and sustainable practices.

We are committed to enhancing the genetic quality of our Angus herd. This commitment is reflected in our rigorous selection process, which prioritises traits such as

  • Rapid growth rates
  • Excellent carcass quality
  • Robust fertility
  • Calving Ease
  • Docility
  • Doing ability

By integrating comprehensive EBV data sets and genomics, we ensure our Angus cattle not only excel in current conditions but are also well-suited to future environmental changes and market demands.

Genetic Benefits

Carcase Focused

The end quality of beef is paramount; thus, our selection heavily favours Angus bulls with superior traits for marbling, tenderness, and optimal fat cover. This focus on carcass traits, underpinned by MSA compatibility, aims to maximise profitability for our clients through high-quality beef that meets and exceeds market standards.

We use ultrasound scanning for EMA, IMF% and fat cover. Combined with weight for age data, this gives us strong information on what our cattle can do. This data is submitted to Breed plan and is also available to clients whilst assessing.

Growth Focus

Weight is money. With that said we are focused on cattle that can grow quickly to MSA standards. The added benefit of this is moderate mature cow weight thus maintaining productive and efficient replacement females.

Market Focus

MSA grading is the basis of our selection criteria. Our bulls will add carcass value and eating quality to your progeny. We select for positive fat cattle, (for both fertility and finishing ability) and for cattle that can exhibit marbling.

Adaptability to Environment

Understanding the challenges posed by Australia’s diverse climates, our breeding strategy focuses on developing Angus cattle that thrive in varying conditions—from the hot and humid regions to cooler climates. This adaptability extends to disease and parasite resistance, ensuring our cattle remain healthy and productive regardless of external pressures.

Reproductive Efficiency

Fertility and reproductive performance are the backbones of any successful breeding program. Our Angus bulls are selected for high semen quality and favourable reproductive traits, ensuring a high success rate in calf production and straightforward calving—a critical factor in operational efficiency and animal welfare.

Phenotype & Temperament

Temperament is the number 1 trait we select & breed for.
Whilst we use the very latest breeding technologies, the phenotype is a major part of our breeding program. Our bulls will be quiet, polled, have great skin type and exhibit, weight, softness and easy-doing ability.

Quality Assurance

Our focus on customer and industry needs is the foundation upon which Ascot has been built. It enables us to consistently deliver exceptional
quality and value to our clients and builds long-lasting relationships.

  • All bulls are semen Semen & Morphology tested.
  • All bulls and females are independently  assessed by Jim Green



Our vaccination program conforms to the latest IMMUNE READY standards.

  • Bulls are Double vaccinated with 7 in 1, Pestigard,  3-Day BEF,  MH+IBR, Vibriovax ,Tick Fever, Botulism, Dectomax V
  • Females Are double vaccinated with 7 in 1, Pestigard,  3-Day BEF, Dectomax V (sale heifers are also vaccinated against tick fever)
  • Our herd is Pesti Tested Negative
  • Johnes status – Jbas 7

Ascot Angus Sires

At Ascot Cattle, we take pride in our unwavering commitment to excellence in genetics, a cornerstone that sets us apart in the world of cattle breeding. Our sires represent the pinnacle of genetic quality, carefully selected to embody the best attributes the industry has to offer. We venture beyond borders, sourcing world-class genetics from internationally renowned lineages, ensuring that our cattle benefit from a diverse and superior genetic pool.

Ascot Revolution R320
Chiltern Park Moe M6
Dunoon Prime Minister P758
Millah Murrah Paratrooper P15
MM RocketMan
MM Sugar Ray S76
Stokman S329
Woodhill Comstock
"Ascot bulls are bred for a purpose, to make your enterprise more profitable. These bulls are impeccably bred, functional and extremely fertile. The bulls are backed by great sets of figures but most importantly their real bulls for real cattleman"
Shad Bailey Colin Say & co. ( Glen Innes )
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