Reaping Angus Rewards – Kindee embraces Angus

In recent years Kindee Pastoral co has used genetics from
Ascot Angus, Warwick QLD.

Kindee Pastoral is made up of 2 properties in Central QLD -15,000 acres at Cowangah, Taroom & 25,000 acres at Muya, Injune

“The Angus bulls are very good for our 1st calving heifers. Ascot Angus put the time & resources into their genetics & are a bit more intuitive & innovative with their breeding than others. They buy a lot of outside genetics & they like to keep ahead of the game” said Andrew Murray.

Andrew, together with his brother Stuart and their mother Janie, runs the company.

On 30th June this year, for the first time in Kindee’s history, cattle were sold at the Roma sale yards in combination with AuctionsPlus. A total of 1400 Angus/Santa/Charolais weaners were sold, with steers averaging 450c/kg and heifers 420 c/kg.

“We had 800 steers & 600 heifers – the heifers weighed an average of 290kg & the steers 310kg.

“We turn grass into meat & meat into money”

Ascot Cattle Co.

July 28, 2020

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